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Great! I love hearing from new and exciting brands and would love to consider you. I mainly feature DIY projects, lifestyle, food and beauty posts. Still think your brand would be good fit? 

Take a peek at the following information, then fill in the form below so we can chat about details and pricing. Please note that I charge different rates depending on the type of required work. If you're interested, please download a copy of my media kit, or request it in the form below.


We know you want your brand to shine and we can help put a spotlight on it (and possibly add a little glitter, too!). 

Product reviews include a honest, unbiased dedicated post to your brand, including a description, pros & cons, and custom photography. 
All products to be used are provided by the company/individual and will be identified as such according to my Full Disclosure PolicyAny product sent will not be returned after the review is completed. Packages with a social promotion included are also available.


If your brand doesn't quite fall under under the previously mentioned category, that's alright!

As long as it's relevant to the 18-45 year old female demographic, you may consider a sponsored post. The general rule around here is pre-written articles by companies will not be posted. The content of the post will be related to your brand or brand's message, with a personal touch. Packages with a social promotion included are also available.


Social Promotion includes various types of posts through social media sites including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This may include promoted posts with a marketing spend if warranted.


Collaboration opportunities are not limited to the previous categories. I'd love to hear your suggestions for partnership opportunities and unique content ideas. 

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