DIY Storage Box Car & Train Table

Because... my little inspires me.

This month we're covering Construction & Vehicles, so there's an abundance of transportation toys in rotation right now. I noticed my 18 month old rolling one of his cars across the top of his DIY Sensory Table and immediately knew I would be creating a car and train table during nap time.

I already had some permanent acrylic craft paints and ended up free handing the whole thing with one of his jumbo toddler paint bushes. I wanted to prove you don't need an art degree to do this project. If you are a perfectionist in need of crisp, straight lines, paint the whole lid black then use painters tape to block off the roads.

This was a fairly quick, inexpensive and easy project. Not to mention, you can use the storage box for cars, trains, or (in our case) a DIY Sensory Bin.

  • Under bed 28 Qt. Storage Box
  • Sand Paper
  • Permanent Acrylic Paints in:
    • Black - Apple Barrel
    • Bright Yellow - Apple Barrel
    • English Navy - Apple Barrel
    • Granite Gray - Apple Barrel
    • Hunter Green - Anita's Acrylic
    • Citrus - Anita's Acrylic
    • Ocean Blue - Anita's Acrylic
    • Platinum - Delta
    • Patina - Folk Art
  • Satin Crystal Clear Spray Paint- Krylon
  • Paint Brushes

If you're box is brand new or has a slippery, smooth top, lightly go over it with the sand paper to give the paint something to hold on to. Our box resides outside and has been in the elements for the past 6 months, so I skipped this step.


I began by dripping black paint in various lines around the lid, then spread it out with the larger paint brush to make the roads. (Fancy, right?)

Next, I filled in some of the gaps with various shades of green to make grass filled medians

Since my Little Bear loves the water, I decided our table needed to have a lake. So, I dabbed a few shades of blue together in the remaining gaps. I forgot to get a picture of that... Whoops!

I added the road lines and a few of the train tracks before my little woke up. Once we completed our post-nap routine, we headed back outside so he could add his own personal touch. We used his thumb to complete the train tracks then sealed it with the Clear Spray Paint.

We absolutely love the new addition to our DIY Sensory Table! Don't forget to pin this project and show it off on social media with #TMBDIY.

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