DIY Outdoor Storage Bench

Because... Kids and their stuff.

TIME: A few hours

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This storage box will end up being 4 feet (l) x 2 feet (w) x 16 inches (h). It doesn't seem that big on paper, but it's a sturdy size in 3D. My suggestion is to build your box where you want it to sit to save your back. If you need to move it, it's at least a 2 person job... even with a dolly.

If you don't have a saw, Home Depot will cut the boards once for you at no additional charge. You will need 12 - 1x4x8 boards and 1 - 4x4x8 post. This cut list is below in the supplies section.  We already had 4 feet of a 4x4 post left over from a previous project which I cut myself. If you don't have a post just laying around, you will need one (1) 4x4x8 post cut into four (4) 16 inch pieces. It costs an additional $0.25 cents for the additional 3 cuts and you will end up with a 4 foot post, but this option makes it easy to unload the car and immediately start building.

I chose to use hardware cloth fencing on the bottom so his sand and water toys could drain. This step is completely optional, but it does make moving the box easier with all of the contents remaining inside.


*The boards listed are all of the cut sizes you will need to complete this project. 
  • 12 - 1x4x8 boards cut to:
    • 15 - 1 x 4 boards @ 4 feet each (1x4x4)
    • 16 - 1 x 4 boards @ 2 feet each (1x4x2)
    • There will be a 1x4x4 remaining
  • 1 - 4x4x8 post cut to 
    • 4- 16 inch pieces (4x4) 
    • There will be a 4x4x4 piece remaining
  • Measuring Tape
  • Deck Screws
  • Power Drill
  • Hardware Cloth Fencing
  • Wire Cutters (can also be found in the middle of pliers)
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Hinges
  • Sand Paper

I built the storage box upside down because it's easier to add the wire and bracing. The boards will leave about a 1/2 inch spacing at what will be the bottom. That spacing will help your fingers (or dolly) to get under the box if you ever need to move it.

Working on a flat surface, place two (2) 4x4 posts on the ground and line up a 1x4x2 board to the edge of the 4x4 posts. Drill it into place. This will serve as the one side of the storage box. Duplicate this step with the remaining two (2) 4x4 posts and another 1x4x2 board.

Connect the two sides together with a 1x4x4 board. Drill it into place then repeat the step on the other side. *Tip: cover the edge of the 1x4x2 posts so you don't have to sand them down.

Brace the box by adding a 1x4x2 to the inside of the 4x4's on both sides.

Add 3 more 1x4x2 boards to finish the side of the box, then repeat this step on the other end.

Drill 3 more 1x4x4 planks onto the front of the box, then repeat this step on the back.

Brace the box by adding a 1x4x2 to the inside of the 4x4's on both sides.

Cut the chicken wire 2 rows longer than the box on each side. Also, cut the wire to fit around the feet. Fold the sharp ends in and staple it to the box.

Drill a 1x4x2 board over the chicken wire about 1 foot from either side for support.

Flip the box onto its back (one of the 1x4x4 sides) to attach the lid and hinges.


Place 2 - 1x4x2 boards parallel to each other 2 feet apart. Center a 1x4x4 planks on top of the parallel boards. Drill it into place and repeat the process with the other 7 boards. *The parallel planks should be at 1 and 3 feet under the 1x4x4 planks.

Edit: We added a 1x2x2 peice of wood (already owned) to the center of the lid for extra support. You may want to add the extra 1x4x2 board at the 2 feet mark on the lid for the best support.
I don't have pictures of the actual process, so imagine the box laying on the ground with one of the 1x4x4 sides facing up. Line the lid up with the back of the box and drill the hinges into place.

Sand any rough edges, close the lid and push the box upright.

Congrats! You just made your very own outdoor storage box.

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