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Because... Easter.
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This time last year we were in the process of moving, so my little one didn't get to experience the full fun of Easter (plus, he was only 1 month old, so there's that...) Although I hate holiday themed stuff, because it just sits in a box somewhere taking up space for 12 months, I have managed to use the Easter eggs in activities for the past 2 weeks with our Dinosaur and Reptile/Amphibian themed curriculum.

As always, I prefer to set up 1 activity per day and let my little one revisit it at his leisure. I usually raid my local Dollar store to find my supplies, but I have included a few affiliate links below. I reuse the items for different activities all week (and a few future projects). The most important item you will need for any of the activities is a Underbed 28 Qt. Storage Box. I bought 2 of the Underbed 28 Qt. Storage Box's so the sand and water activities could be done separately and would suggest buying a third for supply storage. I also picked up a 6 Qt Storage Box for smaller water and food related activities.



Our favorite book this week was  The Bunny Rabbit Show! by Sandra Boynton. It's a pretty silly book full of song and dance. My little one really got a kick out of it.
*click the image to purchase the book


Match the egg tops and bottoms together by color. We used Easter grass for sensory play, but it's not necessary. If you don't have (or want) Easter grass, use sand, water, snow, shaving cream... whatever you have on hand will do.


Fill a bag 3/4 full with hair gel and small items like confetti, tiny eggs, erasers, whatever you can find Easter related. Push all of the air out of the bag and close it. Reinforce the seams and opening with duck tape.


Today we made #peeps playdough! Definitely a project you should do with your toddler, because you'll have a better story to tell. 😐 1. Fill a microwave safe container with a pack of half eaten peeps and microwave them for 30 seconds. 2. Take the goop that was once peeps out of the microwave and add 1 spoonful of cooking oil to it to help it release from the bowl. 3. Let your toddler grab the spoon and try to stir it. Eventually they'll think, "This will be easier if I put my hands in it." 4. KEEP👏 THE 👏PEEP 👏GOOP 👏OUT 👏OF 👏THEIR 👏HAIR. 😩 5. Fill the bowl with corn starch- lots & lots of corn starch- and add food coloring. Then knead it all together. 6. Eventually this sticky disaster will turn into playdough. Luckily, everything can be cleaned with warm water & soap.
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Handprint ears + finger painted dessert paper plate face and dinner paper plate body + footprint feet. Glue it all together. Make or add eyes, nose, whiskers & mouth.


Bury the Easter eggs in the sand box and let your toddler scoop them out with a net (or mesh strainer in our case) and place them in a bucket.



We ended the week by going to an egg hunt at Morgan's Wonderland and another one sponsored by a local church in San Antonio, TX.




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