Tot School: Reptile & Amphibians

Because... My kid needs things to do. EVERYDAY.
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Since last week's Dinosaur Activities for Toddlers was such a big hit, let's keep the fun going with the reptiles and amphibians curriculum I created for my 1 year old. I believe in learning through play and with all activities I suggest PARENTAL SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED. All of the activities can be modified to better fit your child's age and skill set. Follow me on Instagram to see our daily activities in real time.

I prefer to set up 1 activity per day and let my little one revisit it at his leisure. I usually raid my local Dollar store to find my supplies, but I have included a few affiliate links below in case you prefer to shop online. I reuse the items for different activities all week (and a few future projects) and my kid loved them all. The most important item you will need for any of the activities is a Underbed 28 Qt. Storage Box. I bought 2 of the Underbed 28 Qt. Storage Box's so the sand and water activities could be done separately and would suggest buying a third for supply storage. I also picked up a 6 Qt Storage Box for smaller water and food related activities.



*click the image to purchase the book
Our favorite book this week was Puddle Jumpers by Anne Margaret Lewis. It's full of imagination, amphibians and reptiles. It is the perfect addition to your book collection.  


Remember the Underbed 28 Qt. Storage Box I subtly mentioned earlier? Well, it serves as my little dudes sand box & sensory bin. He enjoyed scooping the respective eggs (ping pong balls) and transferring them to the bucket. Then collecting the parents with the tweezers. It's a great fine motor activity and very easy to set up.



A quick and easy way to see reptiles in person is to take your little one(s) to your local pet store. We chose to stop by Petco. They usually have a fairly decent selection of creatures to view and their enclosed in secure habitats (which means you won't have any surprise guests when you return home). 


Since little man enjoyed last week's "hatching Dinosaurs" activity so much, we're going to try it again with amphibians & reptiles. This is a great way to use Easter eggs throughout the year and is another fine motor activity that requires concentration. He loved opening the eggs and seeing the little "hatch-lings."


My little guy had fun pulling the snakes out of the EDIBLE Snake Slime (aka Jello). Follow the instructions on the box of gelatin, then add the snakes before placing in the refrigerator to set. This activity gets sticky and messy very quickly for younger kids so consider letting them play in the bathtub & thank me later.


This was a spur a moment addition because the previous Jello activity got messier than I thought it could. Separate "reptile eggs" (craft pom poms) by color in an ice tray. Quick and easy to set up, even easier to clean up.


Our art project didn't go as planned but turned out way better than expected! We were going to finger paint a simple paper plate turtle by mixing yellow & blue paint but Baby Picasso decided to turn his mixing palette (compartment styrofoam plate) into a full body turtle shell. Now that's what I call art!


Who else did this as a kid? this is the perfect time to pull out your WASHABLE glue and teach the next generation about shedding skin. Adult supervision is required.


We're closing out reptile/amphibian week by catching frogs in the "pond." Every time he caught a frog with the net (or mesh strainer), he got to save it in his bug catcher. When he caught all of them we released the back into their "habitat" and tried again.

Have fun and let us know how your activities turned out on social media with #TeachMamaBear!

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