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I've always wanted to make a life sized gingerbread house.

I haven't decorated in a few years, because I'm not a fan of taking down Christmas decorations, but this year is special because it's my baby's first Christmas. I'm fully aware that he won't remember it, but it's fun to watch him experience the world around him. So, being the awesome mama bear that I am (but mostly because we love sugar), I decided to do a DIY Gingerbread House this year.

Making the candy decorations for the DIY Gingerbread House is fairly easy and inexpensive. I spent about $35 to complete this project. Most of the items I used can be purchased for $1 at various places. Although the clear basket wrap can be purchased from the dollar store, I purchased 25 feet by 30-inch rolls of red, yellow and green from here because they are larger and cheaper in the long run. I made about 20 pieces of candy and 4 lollipops and still had enough left over to wrap Christmas presents.

Watch the video for the step-by-step instructions and click on each item below to purchase from the supply lists.


What is work garland?

I'm glad you asked. It's a form that usually has little "arms" or prongs along it and is used as the base for you to attach your decorations to. So, it's a really fancy way of saying, "decoration holder."

I attached pipe cleaners to tinsel garland by twisting it around itself every 6 inches and leaving the ends out to attach the decorations to it. It only cost me a few bucks to make, but you can always purchase one from here.


Use a solid colored ball (if possible), and wrap the cellophane around it, leaving the bottom of the wrap opened. Use PVC pipe as the lollipop stick and wrap the cellophane around it. Secure it with a zip tie. 

Help the lollipop stay upright by putting a stake or wooden dowel in the ground under the PVC.


Glue styrofoam plates together to give the candy dimension, then wrap the plates in the clear wrapping paper. Secure it with hot glue and tie off the ends with ribbon. Attach the candy to your work garland with similar colored pipe cleaner.

I  hope you enjoyed to tutorial. Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!

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