DIY Gift Card Holder

EV-ER-Y-THING is getting wrapped in the same paper.

I mentioned last week that I was only buying one roll of Christmas paper. Well, I was dead serious and that challenged me to make DIY gift bags to wrap oddly shaped items.

Because of my defiance, I get to show you all the fun ways I'm wrapping my gifts this year. You may have already figured this out, but I'm going to show you how to make your own gift card holders out of wrapping paper.

I made my measurements a little larger than 2 gift cards by 4 gift cards... I usually don't measure with a ruler, but for tutorial purposes, that's about 7" x 10".

Fold the paper in half.

Open the paper, then fold the ends to meet in the middle and press the paper to make a line.

Open the ends back up. Fold the corners up to the first line they meet, making a triangle.

Leaving the corners folded, fold the ends back to meet in the middle. you should have a triangle that exposes the inside of the paper at the top and bottom.

Flip the paper over, and fold the bottom of the paper up to the middle. Have a little helper assist, even if it's not necessary ;-p.

Repeat the fold at the top of the paper, slightly overlapping the bottom fold. Tuck the corners into the bottom.
Insert a contrasting paper that is slightly smaller than the card holder in the opening. Slide the contrasting paper into place with your fingers.

Insert your card and fold the DIY gift card holder in half. If you end up with breaks in the paper like I did, place a piece of washi tape (or run a bead of hot glue down the break and add ribbon to cover it).

I hope my frugal ways have helped you out. If you try this tutorial out, show your style by using #DIYwithShaina on social media!

Happy Holidays.

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