DIY 10 minute Pet Burrow Bed

Baby, it's cold outside!

Since the Texas weather has no respect for the fall, winter temperatures came in like a wrecking ball and The Hooligans are freezing their tails off, literally.

This past weekend, my poor fur children got so cold they gathered all of the various blankets in the living room onto the couch to create a winter fort/cave to try to stay warm (we're still not sure how they got them all piled up, but impressed none-the-less).

Because I have burrowing dogs, I decided to make them a cozy bed that would keep them warm...

while being easy to clean...

that didn't take too long to make...

but still has to be functional.

Easy, right? Keep in mind, Zeke and Zo have their own giant pillow beds as well, but since the living room seems to be their new favorite spot - and they are spoiled rotten - they get new beds for Christmas!

I searched Pinterest, and kept finding envelope pillows, which are fairly easy to make, but they had too many steps which made my laziness kick in they just weren't the right level of "easy DIY" for me.

So I came up with the featured method to combine a few tutorials together and make the ultimate DIY Pet Snuggle Bed in under 10 minutes.

Seriously, it took longer for me to record the video.

Because this was a trial DIY project that I decided to record with a prayer that it came out functional (which it did). The seams are visible, but if you're a perfectionist, I do have a way to correct to hide that in the directions below.


NOTE: The supplies listed in the tutorial were purchased at my local WalMart for around $5 per dog. 

The Hooligans would be classified under the small and medium categories. For larger pets, find a pillow that comfortably holds your dog. 

The amount of fleece you will need will vary based on the pillow size.
  • A pillow
  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sewing Machine OR Needle and Thread


  1. Lay the fleece out on the floor and place the pillow in the corner, leaving about a 1 inch allowance around each side                                                                                         
  2. Fold the pillow into the blanket once to make the pillow case. Make sure the top piece is covering the pillow, so when it's sewn together the pups dont think it's another layer to burrow in. 
  3. Measure, then remove the pillow. With the fabric still folded, cut the length (or width -depending on how to pillow is laying) out on the fleece. Stop at the end of the pillow and cut the excess fabric off in the opposite direction to make a 90° angle.
  4. At this point, you should have a shape that looks something like the picture below. On the longer piece, measure the length of your pillow and add 10" (pillow length + 10"=burrow cover). Cut a straight line to remove the excess fabric.
  5. Fold the burrow cover over the pillow case and align the edges. Sew the edges together with a zig-zag stitch.
    • BONUS TIP: If you want the seams to be on the inside of the case, place the burrow cover to the back of the pillow case instead of laying it on top like I did in the video. The fabric should have a fold on each end and an opening at the top and bottom.
  6. Once the edges are sewn together, you will have a gap at the bottom from the excess fabric you cut for the burrow cover. Pinch the corners of the gap together then pull it to make a straight line. Sew it together with a zig-zag stitch.
  7. If the seams are on the outside, flip the burrow cover inside out to reveal the pillow case, then stuff the pillow inside, then re-cover it. 
    • If the seams will be the inside, put the pillow in before flipping the burrow cover over. Once the cover is flipped the seams will be hidden.
  8. Introduce it to your pets, and let them take a warm, cozy nap.
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  1. You are awesome my dogs will love this and when it gets nasty I can just throw it out and start over! Love it

  2. Hi! Really great article! I have a question. When you add 10 inches to the pillow length for the "burrow cover", is this the part that covers the dog? I have bigger dogs so would I have to make it longer? Thanks, I know my comment was kind of confusing!

  3. I found the directions a bit unclear (both the video and the written), but did manage to get it made, intended for the seams to be inside, had to settle for them being outside, still looks ok and my Max loves it

  4. Nice pattern easy to do, my granddog loves it!! You rock.

  5. I thought the video and instructions were difficult to follow. I am still not sure about the extra corner piece. I followed the instructions and my seams also ended up on the outside. I did this with a friend and it took us over 2 hours to figure it out. I still can't figure out why you cut off just one side and you don't put the pillow in the center of the fabric so the pillow is in the center.

  6. Thanks for project and tutorial! Great job!

  7. This looks awesomely easy! Thanks!


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