Stowaway Cosmetics Review

The makeup you didn't know you needed.

Have you ever been in a dilemma where you had to be out of the house in under 15 minutes, but knew if you tried messing with your makeup you'd be a complete disaster and late? How many times have you taken your full sized makeup with you only to find that the bottle broke in the bottom of your bag, powdered residue stained your clothes, or (my personal favorite) some how the cap came off your lipstick and it completely melted into the seat of your car? Better yet, how often do you actually finish makeup before it expires?

I know I don't! I also realize that I'm not the only one has these severe beauty dilemmas, because there is a whole company built around the answers for these serious beauty questions. I discovered Stowaway Cosmetics while I was in the midst of spring cleaning my makeup drawer. I realized I waste so much money on makeup I never finish (partially because I'm a product junkie, but that's neither here nor there), mostly because I only wear makeup 1-3 days out of the week and very rarely do I ever wear enough to completely transform my faced and hide ALL of my flaws.   

So, when Stowaway Cosmetics offered to send me products to review, I jumped at the opportunity because they provide quality makeup, that's easy to carry and finish before they expire. The products come in sample sized containers, which makes it easy to travel with, BUT they are highly pigment makeup so a little goes a long way. Plus, the products are paraben, phthalate, and cruelty-free!

The full kits comes with
  • A Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm
  • Creaseless Concealer
  • Cheek & Lip Rouge
  • Creme Lipstick
  • Effortless Eyeliner
  • Defined Lash Mascara

Although, the kits come in 4 different shades, I chose mine in the tan beauty balm and concealer with peony cheek/lip stain and lipstick, the jet eyeliner and defined lash mascara. Initially, I was extremely skeptical because I thought the makeup would begin to run as the day went on, but to my pleasant surprise, it held up all day in 80+ degree weather. The best part is, although all of the products fit in a bag that's the size of your hand, I was literally using drops of any given product and was given substantial coverage on every single one. Plus, there was no fuss with brushesI seriously love everything this kit has to offer! Check out the video to see what I mean.

The full kit retails at $75, which is a great deal because you're getting a full face of quality makeup. That's $12.50 for each product! Plus, if you use the code SPRINGLIP at checkout you can get a free lipstick with your kit purchase. Click HERE to purchase yours today!

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