Custom Drawer Organization DIY Under $5

Would you believe me if I told you I custom built this storage solution for under $5?

I have these gigantic 15"x 24" drawers that are always a mess and it gets on my ever-loving last nerve that I can't find affordable storage for them that doesn't waste too much space. As you can see, I had little storage buckets from the dollar store but I felt they wasted too much space and my junk stuff would get trapped between the buckets... No Bueno.

After much brainstorming and Pinterest browsing, I decided to try my luck with a piece of $2.49 foam board and let me tell you this is by far the best storage investment I've EVER made. It's 100% customizable which means I can expand or collapse a section as needed without buying anything additional! *HAPPY DANCE*

I used some of the old dollar store buckets to line the back so if I need to get to that stuff I can easily pull the bucket out, get what I need then put it back!

Here's how it works:
Yes, It's just that easy!
You're Welcome,

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